Our Story

Power Networking Team, Inc (Power Networking Group) was founded in December 2017 with its core objectives being to promote small business, jobs and entrepreneurship.

 PNT proudly supports an active small business community that has grown within the organization by offering regular monthly networking events, professional development workshops, employment events and workshops and, small business expos. 

Small business is the backbone of our economy in this nation. We, the members of Power Networking Team, are the backbone of our local economy. As PNT and the small business community in our area grow stronger, we all win. 

PNT is a grass roots organization that is dependent on the leadership and the support of each member to stay strong. There is a role in this organization for you. You can make a valuable contribution to the success of PNT. If you see a need in our small business community that is unfilled, speak up and let’s find a way for PNT to be a first responder.

Why Network?

Networking is important for any business for several reasons. Whether you’re seeking out contacts that could help fuel your company, looking for industry advice from experts in the field, or on the prowl for a business partner, there’s no better way to achieve your overall goal than networking.

Networking can serve as a lifeline for home-based businesses, which is why these relationships are important to cultivate. Keep in mind that networking doesn’t begin or end at a networking event. Networking can be done anywhere; at a bookstore, over lunch, during a conference or in your office kitchen.